Online Form Filling

In Online Form Filling Project we will provide you the software and login details. You have to login in the software and submit the data as given in the image file. Each form will have 15 fields in it. You need to have good stable internet connection to work in the software.  The software works only with Microsoft Windows 7 and above version OS.

Demo Video

Payment Schedule For Form Filling Plan A:-
800 to 1000 forms – 95 to 100% Accuracy Achieved = (Rs.15 per correct form)
Below minimum required accuracy or below 800 forms submission = No Payment.

Payment Schedule For Form Filling Plan B:-
1600 to 2000 forms – 95 to 100% Accuracy Achieved = (Rs.15 per correct form)
Below minimum required accuracy or below 1600 forms submission = No Payment.

Project Requirements:-
1. Computer (Desktop or Laptop) with Microsoft Windows 7 or above Operation System version.
2. 1-mbps or above Internet Connection Speed.

Form Rejection Criteria:-

Types of Error
Punctuation Error
Spelling Error
Case-Sensitive Error
Word Missing/Extra Word Error
Space Missing/Extra Space Error
Column Missing

Accuracy Report:-

QC center will check the forms in the submission. While checking if the accuracy goes below the minimum accuracy required for qualifying then the QC center will not be responsible for the further checking of the forms.

As seen in the sample accuracy report above. In the same way a report will be generated and it will be forwarded to the second party by the first party showing which mistakes are there in which column on which form number and according to the company’s method of calculating accuracy what type of error it is and hence how much % is deducted in terms of accuracy. We will send you the Error Report in seven working days after the submission of your Workload. If the QC Center will find any Error in the data submitted then they will send you the Error Report. If the Agent gets below required accuracy level then he is not eligible for Payments.

Contract Termination:-
Contract would be terminated in the below mentioned cases
* If you are found using any third party application other than the application provided by the company, including but not limited to Microsoft Excel or any other program in Microsoft Office or Auto-typing software or Scripts or other.
* If you are found to be forwarding the data files to any other email address other than the email address of the company or if you are found to be giving/sharing/leaking the data to anyone else who is not directly or indirectly involved with the company by any means.

Submission Rules:-
* Submission should be made only on the company’s official email address.
* Submission should be made exactly on or before the deadline given by the company.
* File name of the submitted file should exactly match.
* Submission should be made of minimum 800/1600 forms (as per plan selected) strictly. Submission should be made in .pdf file format.
* The submitted files should be found complete with minimum 800/1600 (as per plan selected) form entries. Any submission below 800/1600 (as per plan selected) forms will not be accepted.

Technical Instructions:-
* User is required to Add new record for each serial number.
* Every fields in the form should match in the image.
* Everything should be typed with left alignment, whatsoever may be in the image file.
* Latin Characters or Accent Characters, if any, shall be typed as normal characters.
Ex: “æ” should be typed as “ae”, “Ç”should be written as “C”, “Ŷ” should be written as “Y”, “ķ” should be written as “k” etc.
* Always type the text as default text in software. Bold, Italics in software File is not at all required and is not possible also.
* If a word is split in the image file, same should be done in the form. No justifications should be done between what should be right and what should be wrong. Just type as it is given in the image files.

Rejection Criteria:-
* If file name of the submitted file doesn’t match with the file name sent.
* If any other file/folder found other than the needed file.
* If the file submitted is not in required format.
* It the form has not been submitted within the deadline mentioned by the company.
* Accent Characters used in the transcribed Data.
* If the File bearing the Submission of the Transcribed Data does not bears the Extension ‘.pdf ‘or bears any other Extension.
* If forms are not typed in Company Software or Junk data is submitted.
* Rejection at any stage would preclude any further submission of the same Transcribed Data, and other stages shall be forfeited.

Payment Terms:-
* Payment will be transferred by NEFT / Net banking on the same day when the accuracy report is sent.
* Payment will be transferred only if the minimum required accuracy is achieved.


NOTE: Kindly request sample data and try the same. The working and payment terms are clearly given above. If any doubts then you can either call on the below given number or request a call back.

No registration fees applicable if work done in our office. Candidate has to visit office for interview.